Happening now: Gaza is under attack!

Few headlines from Twitter and multiple other news agencies:

  • All hospitals in Gaza have now declared a state of emergency as Gaza is under heavy shelling from the IOF
  • IOF warplanes fired a missile near Al Aqsa martyrs hospital in Deir Al Balah, and in Rafah, an ambulance has been hit. Shelling continues
  • Gaza under attack now ! #Gaza #Palestine
  • 5 medics injured as their ambulance is hit by IOF sheel in Rafah. IOF warplanes fired a missile near Al Aqsa martyrs hospital in Deir Al Balah. Several tunnels hit in Rafah. F16’s, Apaches still firing from the sky, and warships have joined in from the coast. Hospitals have declared a state of emergency.
  • Fresh explosions reported across the #Gaza strip. Residents reporting “major IDF” operation underway.
  • Israel have just announced that “Operation Scorching Summer” will resume tonight. The UN have evacuated all their staff, and 1.5 million people are preparing for another massacre.


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    This is not true, there is no operation and the IDF attacks were response to Hammas firing rockets towards civilians,...
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