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Palestinian Culture is not the problem, the occupation is!

Given Palestine is part and parcel of an Arab culture that was the cradle of civilization, is home to the oldest cities in the world, and provided humanity with significant contributions towards the development of many “modern” sciences, such as physics, chemistry, medicine, mathematics and astronomy, one can only assume Romney sees no value in any of these — or is entirely ignorant of them. Instead, he views Israel as the “miracle,” a 64-year-old country that was built on the ruins and ashes of the indigenous Palestinians, many of whom refuse to submit to a continuing campaign of slow — and sometimes not so slow — removal from the land.

Romney exposed his ignorance in the land of the prophets By Sam Bahour

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The confessions of a former believer in the two-state solution

Two states for two people, each living with prosperity, security, freedom, and equality. Although it sounds simple, it has been the long awaited solution for the conflict in the Middle East.

Despite the fact that diplomats on both sides still believe in it, to me, the two state solution has been buried multiple times on multiple occasions, most recently at the meeting between Netanyahu and Obama. Netanyahu rejected the “indefensible” 1967 borders recognized by the international community (and the United States) as the basis for any solution.

Although you might think so, it is not Netanyahu’s remarks that makes the solution impossible, it is a basic idea that many fail to either acknowledge or recognize, the idea that Israel does not and has never defined its borders. That’s right, Israel has been a state recognized by the UN for 63 years but has not defined its borders and continues to expand month after month and year after year to steal more land, and populate it with Jewish settlers it brings from all over the world. Settlers that do not have any connection to the land, and are here for one of two things, the amazing deal the government gives them to live in settlements or their religious belief that God promised them a land they’ve never seen before.

I used to actually believe in a two-state solution. A solution that will give the Palestinians their full rights (or at least most of their rights) but considering the fact that I lived in the West Bank, seen the wall, and dealt on daily basis with the Israeli army, it becomes clearer everyday that I was living in a dream and I needed to wake up.

I fail to see how a two-state solution will be reached while I continue to hear every Israeli official telling me that it is “impossible” for the refugees to go back, or for the Palestinians to get 22% of their historic land, or for East Jerusalem to be part of any deal. It seems to me that it is impossible for Israel to recognize the rights of the Palestinians and it is impossible for the Palestinians to continue living under a brutal humiliating occupation.

To me, it is now more clear than ever that a one-state solution where everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, race, or color can enjoy freedom, justice and equality is a state that will be able to recognize the rights for everyone. I absolutely believe that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is a movement that will help the Israelis realize that it is about time to understand that what their government is doing does not help them or their country.

At the end, it seems to me that the Palestinians will not be only liberating their country, they will be also helping the Israelis liberate themselves. At the end, the Palestinians understand that their “task is not to liberate the oppressed, but to liberate the oppressor” ~ Nelson Mandela

The moment this Palestinian boy was murdered by Israeli fire at the Palestine-Lebanon border (he was inside Lebanon)

The moment this Palestinian boy was murdered by Israeli fire at the Palestine-Lebanon border (he was inside Lebanon)

I recognize Israel!

I do recognize Israel. I recognize it as an apartheid state, one of the few lasting occupations in recent history, a state that discriminates against its own citizens, a state that is in violation of the international law, 65 UN resolution, and basic human rights and a state that has been oppressing the Palestinian people for decades, so here you go, that’s my recognition of the State of Israel!